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Last week, Phil and I (mostly Phil 😉 ), put in a rock walking path around the magnolia tree in the courtyard at Treehouse Wellness Studio. It will not only be good for the tree and improve moisture retention, but good for our feet and overall health. This was Monday class saying

Thank you Phil!

Allow me to give a quick lesson on your feet! Did you know that your feet have 32 joints and 26 bones. That’s about 25% of your total bones are in your feet. Looks like your feet are pretty important. Since we have been wearing shoes our whole life those joints and muscles just haven’t been moving like they should for optimal overall body health.

If you have bunions, flat feet, foot pain, hip pain, back pain beginning to strengthen and mobilize your feet will change the way you move to prevent and heal your feet and heal your body.

So next time you come to class, workshop or MFR Treatment walk around the path with shoes, socks or your bare feet (if they are ready). And if your feet are not ready or you want overall body health, sign up for one of my upcoming Healthy Feet Healthy Body Workshops!

Sat Sept 8  9-11am $50 FULL

Sat Oct 6  9-11am $50 

Call Colleen (805)550-4449 to sign up


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