Healthy Feet Facts

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#1 The anatomy of your feet actually indicates that they have the possibility to move quite a lot more than we actually move them.

#2 Not using or under using your feet muscles create atrophy in those tissues.

#3 The muscles in your feet are just like the muscles in the rest of your body. They change and get stronger with regular use and specific exercise.

#4 Retraining the muscles of your feet can increase the health of those tissues, which can decrease disease and increase your body’s overall health.

You may ask…Now what do I do?

There are 3 simple ways to help you regenerate the tissues your feet right now so they can be more supportive for the health of your whole body.

#1 Vertically stack your weight over your heels

#2 Walk and stand with you feet hip width apart

#3 Line up the outsides of the feet and make them parallel with one another

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