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Colleen teaches yoga, yin yoga, MFR self treatment classes, Mindful Movement and integrates them all into unique and student focused classes. Colleen has extensive training in Iyengar style yoga and has studied with many senior level instructors throughout her 20 years of study. Iyengar style yoga gave her a solid background in sequencing, alignment and how best to attend to injuries and limitations. She studied with Eric Schiffman which ignited her passion for freedom of movement and spirituality. She studied with Paul Grilley and expanded her understanding of fascia and its importance in our overall health and freedom of movement. Colleen’s MFR self treatment classes blossomed out of her training as a JFBMFR therapist. She was seeing the incredible benefits of self treatment on her own body. And when clients did their prescribed self treatment homework between appointments, found that they progressed more rapidly in their own healing. In 2016, Colleen discovered the incredible work of Katy Bowman biomechanist. Colleen has been studying her method passionately and has experienced incredible changes in her body. She recently was certified as a Healthy Foot Practitioner through Bowman’s work and shares the simple and effective corrective exercises with her students and clients. Integrating these teachings and many more, Colleen has a unique background and shares her knowledge with enthusiasm, generosity and compassion. Enjoy small classes in a beautiful studio close to downtown San Luis Obispo.


Classes are taught in 6 week series throughout the year. Monday and Wednesday classes $120

Thursday Noon class series $90

Mondays 9-10:30am   Mindful Movement  

Wednesdays 9-10:30am   Mindful Movement 

Thursdays 12-1pm   Mindful Movement

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Healthy Feet Healthy Body Workshop

Improve your health from the bottom up!

Have fun while learning simple and effective corrective exercises to strengthen and mobilize your feet. Rediscover abundant health through exploring movement in your feet, legs, and hips.

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Call Colleen @ (805)550-4449 for availability and current schedule

Classes are taught at Treehouse Wellness Studio   1141 Pacific Suite C   San Luis Obispo, Ca

Here are a few testimonials from students….

“I’ve learned so much and applied so much of what I have learned it is hard to summarize. The major life changing areas are that I’ve become aware of are my posture, where I’m holding tension and my breathing! When I retired, my desire was to improve my flexibility and strength and the time spent in class has succeeded in improving both. I just reviewed my notes from a private session we had 2 years ago and am happy to report that I’m still working on those poses and stretches! I feel like a “sponge” in class, soaking up all I can” Mitzi M

“My posture has really improved, which is amazing after decades of slouching. Each week I learn something new that I can keep in my hip pocket for when the need arises.”

“A detective of possibilities!” Karen M